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Here at Neotec we offer a variety of services that guarantee you are receiving the best water quality possible. Regardless of where your water comes from, our trained and certified employees are here to make it work! Followed by a standard water-quality check, our team can then decide what system(s) will work best for your home or business. Unlike many other companies, Neotec does a detailed water-quality test that tells us exactly what you need. 


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Our Services

Providing our customers with a variety of services to ensure you receive the best water quality possible. 


Over time, water treatment systems may require repair. Our technicians can assess a needed repair and fix it to ensure the system is performing at its maximum potential. Depending on the situation, we may either repair it at the location it is installed in, or suggest an upgrade. Either way, whenever there is a repair needed we are here to fix it.


Some Neotec systems are not very easy to install. Our technicians are certified and trained to install Neotec systems so that you don’t have to. For the systems that can be installed by a home owner, a manual will be included to guide you through it.


To keep your Neotec system running smoothly at all times, our technicians are able to perform regular maintenance to ensure everything is operating correctly. Maintenance checks are scheduled by our team so that we can tend to a system before it has any problems.

Scheduled Service Reminders

Our team keeps track of all installations and systems to plan for your scheduled service reminder. We will contact you before your systems require maintenance.

Regulated Water System Maintenance

Neotec technicians service places that require water quality checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Depending on your specific needs, Neotec has the ability to regularly service your water treatment system(s) to ensure that whatever treatment or maintenance needed is looked after and done properly.

Custom Design

Many larger businesses or homes require a custom design to provide clean, consistent water in all areas of their space. Based on your needs, our team can help you find the best water quality possible.

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