Groundwater Sampling & Testing

Analysis of Discharge Water

Analysis of Discharge Water

Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 681, Sewers, regulates the discharge of Private water directly or indirectly to a city sanitary sewer or combined sewer.

Testing is mandatory for those who discharge water either in a city sewer or combined sewer. All testing must be done by a qualified organization, such as Neotec.

Neotec has the ability to design, install and service discharge water treatment systems, along with being able to sample and test discharge water.

Annual testing and meter calibration is mandatory; Neotec offers annual testing and meter calibration.

All testing and delivery of results must be submitted no later than May 15th.


Here at Neotec, we are looking to ensure that discharge water sampling and testing is done in compliance to Chapter 681 under the City of Toronto Municipal Code. With years of experience in testing and treating discharge water, we have the ability to provide timely, accurate, and descriptive results of the water.

Neotec holds the ability to conduct a sample of the Private Water to be discharged to confirm that the Private Water discharged from its premises will comply with Chapter 681.




What is Private Water?

Private Water means water originating from a source other than the City’s water supply and includes:

Storm water and/or Groundwater accumulating or collected on private lands, or

Private waterworks system, or

A well or any other subsurface extraction of groundwater, or

A permanent or temporary wastewater pond, water retention site or other area or site of surface water collection, whether natural or man-made, created, used or caused by or for renovation, repair, maintenance, demolition, construction-related or land development activity or activities, or

A tank, tanker truck, vessel, or other means of water storage and not supplied by the City, or

The permanent or temporary alternation of a natural or pre-existing drainage pattern, or

Any combination of the above-noted activities, where the water from such activity would be discharged to City Sewage Works and such activity is related to renovation, repair, maintenance, demolition, construction or land development activity or activities at a property.

Private Water means water originating from a source other than the City’s water supply and includes:

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We Offer More Than Discharge Water Testing & Sampling

If you are looking for a Foundation/Groundwater Treatment solution, we are here for you. Neotec specializes in the design, installation, maintenance and servicing of custom discharge water systems. Additionally, Neotec carries out all water testing or analysis through a Canadian laboratory accredited and licensed by the Standards Council of Canada and/or Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation to get the most precise results in a timely manner.

Neotec installs flow measuring devices or meters to measure the amount of water discharged by the discharger, directly or indirectly. When annual service is due, Neotec provides meter calibration by removing the physical meter on site and working closely with a Meter Calibration Centre for dynamic testing.