Commercial Water Solutions

Neotec ensures your commercial water treatment needs are met with the highest level of expertise and quality. Whether you're running a major corporation or managing a bustling property, our team has the know-how to assess your unique needs and deliver the perfect solution. We've got you covered with systems designed to handle the heavy flow demands of commercial buildings.

Customized Commercial Services

As an expert in commercial water treatment, we can assess, quote, and install the right system for large commercial buildings. Our clients include Petrol Canada, Canadian Tire, and many property management companies in Canada. We are known for providing high-quality water treatment solutions for commercial settings.​​

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Foundation / Groundwater Treatment

Our team designs, builds, and manages filtration systems to clean groundwater. We ensure that all discharge water testing is done in compliance with Toronto regulations. With years of experience, we test and treat discharge water to provide accurate results quickly. As city regulations require, we offer annual testing and meter calibration for discharge, stormwater, and sanitary sewer in Toronto condominiums.

Regulated Work (O.Reg 170.03 / 319.08)

Municipal Water Treatment

Facilities with groundwater wells must comply with Ontario drinking water rules. Neotec builds, designs, and operates these systems. We provide regulated treatment for clients such as the York Region District School Board, the Town of Georgina, Community Housings, Whitchurch Stouffville, and more.

Neotec designs, builds, and installs treatment systems that meet Ontario regulations O.Reg 170.03 / 319.08 and provides ongoing maintenance, which removes the task and liability of the building owner.

With years of experience, our trained and certified technicians can always fix any water problems you may have at your service.

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