Condos / Carwashes / Construction


  • Design and Maintain ground water filtration systems.
  • Annual discharge water meter calibration
  • Annual combined sanity and storm discharge groundwater testing
  • Servicing of pumps

Carwashes / Car Dealerships

  • For any station that washes and services motor vehicles this means installing a water treatment system to make sure you are providing safe, soft water to treat vehicles to avoid harsh marks and scraping
  • We provide Water softeners, carbon filters, commercial RO systems , etc
  • We have been installing , maintaining and servicing carwashes since 1993.
  • Reverse Osmosis RO water filtration systems are generally the most efficient and effective way to remove total dissolved solids from your water.

Construction / New builds / Businesses

  • Neotec custom designs systems to meet each client’s individuals needs no matter the project size.

Experience better-tasting water free from odor and volatile organic compounds such as Trihalomethanes, Pesticides, and Benzene with automatically backwashed carbon filters.

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With years of experience, our trained and certified technicians can always fix any water problems you may have at your service.

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